too many words by laura lemay

gobble gobble

“…and the strawberries were pretty nice at the Farmer’s Market today,” I babbled to Eric, unloading my bags, “but the arugula was kind of yucky-looking, so I didn’t — OH MY GOD LOOK! There’s a GIANT BIRD on the lawn!”

The giant bird in question was a wild turkey. I’ve seen them once in a while down in the valley and in grassy areas while I’ve been out cycling, but never around here. Its supposed to be too wooded up here for them. And they normally wander about in packs. But this was definitely a turkey, it was definitely alone, and as we watched and I madly took pictures it very casually walked all the way across the lawn, up the driveway, and down the hill past the barn and out of sight.

It was a really really big bird. And I was thinking as it walked away: “I’ll bet its really tasty.”