43 Things poses the question: What do you want to do with your life?

You can keep a list of your goals, or you can choose from a big list of what other people have been answering. Each page shows a continuously-updated display of every one else’s goals. Its a social goal-keeping site.

I’m finding what other people are posting to be completely fascinating. There’s a lot of predictable stuff here; 1006 people want to be happy, 800 people want to get laid and 467 want to stop wasting time. Books seem to rank pretty high on people’s lists; 215 people want to write a novel; 166 people just want to read more books. There’s also plenty of romantic goals (fall in love (556 people), kiss in the rain (220 people), meet the right girl for me (18 people), get him to notice me (11 people)), and self-improvement (lose 10 pounds (126 people) and exercise more (341 people, learn ruby (115 people)).

And then there’s the goals that are more strange, like Amass a mighty army of animals and overthrow mankind (6, uh, mammals?) . And goals I really relate to like leave this site now (2 people) and destroy the person who made this (1 person, not me).

A great way to waste a couple of hours, whether you want to or not.

(I got it from Thinking Chaos, Thinking Fences.)

2 thoughts on “goals

  1. I would like to have a heart that hears, so that when something happens, I can hear it proclaim its own hidden meanings, without having to struggle and work them out in an uncertain way. I would like to have clairvoyance, that is: see through the things directly to their frameset, stripped of their metaphors, as soon as they appear in the foreground, so that they can tell their story and I won’t have to fight to grasp what they mean.

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