too many words by laura lemay

fool’s errand sequel

The Fool’s Errand{.broken_link} is one of the most addictive obsessive compulsive puzzle games I have ever played. I spent forever without sleep when I was in college in the 80’s playing it. My grades suffered. My relationships suffered. I was a wreck. It was evil.

Cliff Johnson, the author, wrote a few other games that had a similar feel in the early 90’s, and they also had a tendency to force me to abandon my entire life until I had solved them.

I discovered a year or so ago that Johnson had updated the game so that it ran on modern Macintoshes (and on Windows now), and off I went again. This time around it took me a lot less time solve it because I remembered a lot of the puzzles, but still: complete immersion. Something about this kind of game sucks onto my brain and just won’t let go. It is a sickness.

So yesterday I found out that Cliff Johnson has been working on a sequel to Fool’s Errand, called the Fool and His Money{.broken_link}. He’s taking pre-orders. I don’t think I’ve clicked on a paypal button so fast in my life (Pay! Pay! Pay! Yes! Yes!).

I get my copy next month. Must budget time off from work.