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don't eat it!

Have I posted about Steve Don’t Eat It! yet? (searching) No! I have not!

There’s a long tradition of eating really horrible things and then writing about it on the Internet. I would search for the good examples from the past but I am lazy. However, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it done quite so well, or horribly, and with pictures, as with the long-running sequence Steve, Don’t Eat It! over on

In past installments of Steve, Don’t Eat It! Steve has eaten and reported on potted meat food product, Beggin’ Strips, breast milk, natto, and cuitlacoche. (The last two are fermented soybeans and moldy corn, respectively. They are real food and not spoilage). In the most recent installment, he tries canned silkworm pupae. I am not certain this was actually supposed to be food, but Steve says so, so I defer.

See the Steve, Don’t Eat It! archives for previous installments.

Steve, author of Steve, Don’t Eat it! also completely fascinates me because in the same blog he can write something as perverted as this review of the Olsen Twins Toothpaste, and then turn around and do a completely excellent straight up interview with the graphic designer who did the Fedex logo. Luv him.

(I can’t remember where I got it originally, but the silkworm pupae and thus the reminder came from slashfood{.broken_link})