too many words by laura lemay

dammit, laura, write SOMETHING

I am 28 books behind on my reading list. The last book I read was Michael Crichton’s State of Fear, which I was reading because I needed an airplane book, but it was really bad. Even for Michael Crichton.

I had too much caffeine today and I feel kind of queasy.

Fierce Cat disappeared for two days this weekend and I was completely in a panic. She is back now. Right this moment she is standing at my feet and chirping at me. Pay attention to me. Pay attention to me. PAY ATTENTION TO ME OR I WILL VANISH AGAIN SEE IF I WON’T.

I am four loads behind on my laundry. I have more than enough clean socks, so I am OK.

I went for a short long bike ride this weekend (35 miles) and finally conquered the Evil Hill I’ve been unable to scale for a while now (Mt Sycamore, in the hard direction). Of course it helped that Eric put lower gears on my bike. But I will pretend that actually I am suddenly a much better climber.

I am three episodes behind on 24 (I know how it ends). What a dumb show I can’t seem to stop watching. Note that I am all caught up on Lost. I have my priorities straight.

I am 22 messages behind on my email. This is actually low.

Some dutch norwegian guy appears to be trying to sell my dead cat. This puzzles me a lot. I am thinking a nice http redirect to something foul might be amusing.

I have not upgraded my Macs to Tiger yet because I do not own a DVD drive (I know, I know). I am conflicted over whether I should do the apple media return and get CDs or just buy a DVD drive. Computer lust will probably win over practicality, as it always does. I figure by the time I decide what to do Apple will have done a couple bugfix releases so I’m not in any big hurry.

I have not seen Revenge of the Sith because I really don’t care. In my 80’s teenage crowd there were Star Wars geeks and Raiders of the Lost Ark geeks and I was in the latter camp. Except for the occasional resurrectional rumor my series is over.