dammit, laura, write SOMETHING

I am 28 books behind on my reading list. The last book I read was Michael Crichton’s State of Fear, which I was reading because I needed an airplane book, but it was really bad. Even for Michael Crichton.

I had too much caffeine today and I feel kind of queasy.

Fierce Cat disappeared for two days this weekend and I was completely in a panic. She is back now. Right this moment she is standing at my feet and chirping at me. Pay attention to me. Pay attention to me. PAY ATTENTION TO ME OR I WILL VANISH AGAIN SEE IF I WON’T.

I am four loads behind on my laundry. I have more than enough clean socks, so I am OK.

I went for a short long bike ride this weekend (35 miles) and finally conquered the Evil Hill I’ve been unable to scale for a while now (Mt Sycamore, in the hard direction). Of course it helped that Eric put lower gears on my bike. But I will pretend that actually I am suddenly a much better climber.

I am three episodes behind on 24 (I know how it ends). What a dumb show I can’t seem to stop watching. Note that I am all caught up on Lost. I have my priorities straight.

I am 22 messages behind on my email. This is actually low.

Some dutch norwegian guy appears to be trying to sell my dead cat. This puzzles me a lot. I am thinking a nice http redirect to something foul might be amusing.

I have not upgraded my Macs to Tiger yet because I do not own a DVD drive (I know, I know). I am conflicted over whether I should do the apple media return and get CDs or just buy a DVD drive. Computer lust will probably win over practicality, as it always does. I figure by the time I decide what to do Apple will have done a couple bugfix releases so I’m not in any big hurry.

I have not seen Revenge of the Sith because I really don’t care. In my 80’s teenage crowd there were Star Wars geeks and Raiders of the Lost Ark geeks and I was in the latter camp. Except for the occasional resurrectional rumor my series is over.

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  1. Article on http://www.scifi.com

    12:00 AM, 31-MAY-05
    Lucas OKs Indy IV Script
    George Lucas has approved screenwriter Jeff Nathanson’s script for a fourth Indiana Jones movie, as has director Steven Spielberg, Variety reported. That leaves only star Harrison Ford to give the OK, but Ford still hasn’t read the draft, the trade paper reported.

    The trade paper reported that Lucas recently summoned Nathanson to his Bay Area headquarters now that Lucas is finished with his Star Wars saga. Spielberg previously worked with Nathanson on Catch Me If You Can and Terminal.

    Even if Ford approves the script, a 2006 start may be problematic, as Spielberg has booked at least two films for that year.

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