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Something Awful: Fashion SWAT: Comics SWAT

Why is it I had never stumbled on Something Awful before? Huh.

Dr. Thorpe: There are certain nerds that complain that comics aren’t taken seriously enough as an art form. In this edition of Fashion SWAT, we’re going to show you why those people are idiots.

Zack: One of our readers suggested that we apply our discerning sense of style to the outlandish costumes of various super heroes and villains. Thanks for the idea, Johnathan! This issue we’re going to “Biff!” and “Pow!” our way through more than a dozen of the most ridiculous hero costumes you have ever seen.

Of course they picked mostly comics from the 80’s and Rob Liefeld, which is kind of making it easy. When you’re done with this go read the other Fashion SWAT stuff. Or waste an day on the whole site. Its all great.