chantico: eh

A friend told me I had to RUN NOT WALK down to Starbucks and try this new chocolate drink called Chantico. In no uncertain terms RUN NOT WALK. BEST STUFF EVER she raved.

Chantico is really thick, really rich, hot chocolate. It is basically hot dark chocolate syrup in a 6 oz cup. It is also, according to the Starbucks web site, 390 calories and 21 grams of fat of hot chocolate in a 6oz cup. For $2.75 no less.

400 calories could actually be forgiven if Chantico were to die for, if it were the kind of drink that makes one swoon, the kind of drink that you say OK, I’ll just not eat today and work out extra hard to make up for it. Is it that good? Alas: not so good. Like most things at Starbucks, the theory is good and the execution is least common denominator. Chantico is really dense and rich and sweet and really chocolately; so much so that its difficult to finish even the small cup of it. But the chocolate is boring. Its a single-note chocolate, a boring flat chocolate, an ordinary mediocre chocolate. It makes the Chantico all sweet and all rich and no depth. But then, of course, its Starbucks. No Depth is pretty much the corporate mission statement.

What it really needs is COFFEE.

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  1. There is a cr?perie in Montr?al called Juliette et Chocolat. It is an amazing place: it has patrons of all ages, young and old, who gather around eccentric tables to chat or gossip or love.

    It is a temple to chocolate. On the bar, there are gleaming machines of glass and brass. Within each one, you can see a mechanical paddle churning and stirring the deep luxurious chocolate. Whenever a customer orders some, a barista pulls on the tap and the steaming nectar flows slowly into the glass.

    If you ever come to Montr?al, go there. Sit down at a table, on a bench, in the back. Someone will bring you a menu, but you won’t need it. Order “grandma’s hot chocolate” and you’ll be offered the choice of “milk” or “dark”. When it comes, you’ll be hit by a waft of rich aroma. You almost have to scoop the chocolate out of the teapot into your mug. Sip, and you’re one with the true flavours of the cocoa bean.

  2. completely agree – waaaaaaay too sweet for people who actually would appreciate (and buy) a chocolate beverage. major missed opportunity on starbucks’ part.

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  4. What are you talking about?
    Chantico is the best drink ever! I wish it had never been made simply because I want it and it is oh so bad but oh so good, good, good. Every female that I know that has tried it agrees with me. Their eyes roll on the first sip with suprise and delight at how much they like it.

  5. starbuck’s is fast food coffee and chantico is fast food hot chocolate. i am not a snob – i have moments when i want fast food – but i am not going to pretend that a Whopper is filet mignon.

    they’ve made a lowest-common-denominator drink to fit in with everything else they overprice and sell.

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