too many words by laura lemay

cats cats cats

Today has been a Day of Cats. It started with Elsa, my older cat, who woke up with problems and had to be rushed to the vet first thing in the morning. Because Elsa is a large maine coon and DOES NOT LIKE the vet, she had to stay there to be sedated so they could take tests without unnecessary loss of limbs.

While I was in the waiting room of the vet waiting I visited with KITTENS. Kittens are the BEST THING EVER. As I sat next to the big cage the vet receptionist explained that these were feral kittens and they were really timid. One of the kittens had reached through the cage and was fondling my ear. “You can let them out of the cage and play with them,” the receptionist said. I opened the cage and my ear-fondler LEAPT into my lap, wrapped itself around my neck and PURRED. “Timid, you say,” I said, and the receptionist said “huh.”

I managed to escape the vets office without a kitten, however, and Elsa is now at home wandering drunkenly about the house and I have a couple week’s worth of antibiotics to feed her (and THAT will be plenty fun).

And just now as I was writing this Fierce Cat, my other cat, showed up on the porch with yet another dead bunny. She is called fierce cat because the first time I saw her, a few years back, she was carrying a dead bunny nearly as big as she was and I thought “what a FIERCE cat!” and the name stuck.

Anyhow, now that Fierce Cat has decided to be our cat (technically she belongs to the neighbors and her real name is missy and she’s not very fierce at all but that’s a long story), she blesses us us twice a week or so with dead critters on the porch. Gophers, chipmunks, the occasional bird, but mostly bunnies. She is good at bunnies. Initially she just left them for us, but then since we were ungrateful enough not to want them now she just brings them up, waits for approval, and then crunches them loudly just outside the patio doors. Like us humans with our chocolate bunnies, she starts with the ears. Unlike chocolate bunnies, she leaves bits of guts behind on the mat. Yuck.