too many words by laura lemay

catching up

My last post was a long while ago and full of mayhem and I probably should not have just left it hanging there because it gives the impression that Things Are Bad. On the contrary, things have been quite good, there’s just been a bunch of stuff going on. You know, holidays and all.

Thanks to everyone who called, sent email, IM’ed, etc.

Eric is healing up from his crash really well. In fact from looking at him you probably would not even know he had crashed at all. Given that when I crash I have giant itchy scabs for months, I spit gravel and bits of glass for the next year and my scars are pink and ugly for, basically, ever, I find it kind of unfair that Eric’s road rash was completely and entirely unscarred within the space of a few weeks. So unfair.

Onto the teeth. The three front teeth all needed root canals. They’re really good at root canals these days; when I had mine ten years ago it only took half an hour but I still felt like I had been trampled by a rhino. All three of Eric’s only took an hour and he walked out of there feeling fine. At this rate in a few years they’ll be able to do your root canals in ten minutes flat over the Internet and you’ll feel better after you’re done than when you started. People will look forward to them. They’ll do them recreationally (“hey dude, wanna do a root canal tonight?” “Yeah!”)

Left on the post-accident task list are braces, caps, and figure out what’s wrong with the knee. The braces are to put the teeth back where they belong; they’re still kind of bent out of shape. The caps are needed to fix the broken teeth. Despite the remaining teeth issues Eric can mostly eat just fine now. During the liquid food time period we discovered two important facts:

  • Canned liquid meal replacement drinks are completely disgusting. They taste like gritty neopolitan-flavored sludge and they leave a slimy coating in your mouth like the aftermath of a bad night with a number of cigarettes and long island iced teas. Avoid, avoid, avoid. Unfortunately I bought a whole pile of these while Eric couldn’t eat because they were cheap. hey! maybe they were cheap for a reason! ugh.
  • The really cheap shelf-stable packaged vegetarian indian food dubiously called Tasty Bite? Fabulous. Really great stuff. I get it at whole foods or you can order it in bulk from Amazon.

The only health issue left is his right knee. Eric didn’t notice that he had hurt his knees before because the knees were kind of overshadowed by the face and the teeth. Now that everything else has healed up the knees are crying out for attention. It seems that when he crashed he landed on his face AND his knees. He had some road rash on his knees and the right one has a really big painful lump on it that isn’t going away. He’s going to go to the doctor about that soon.

Me? I feel fine. I think I have a little dry skin on my elbow. woe, woe, woe.