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O’Reilly brings back the lay-flat binding

I’ve always really liked lay-flat bindings. They are just so much more usable than standard glue bindings as they allow the book to, well, lay flat when you open it up. Since the book actually stays open on its own you don’t have to force it to lay flat, thus you don’t actually break the glue on the binding, and thus you don’t ruin your book or end up with unattached or (horrors) missing pages.

But I’ve budgeted some print production in my time, and I know how expensive lay-flat binding is. So I can understand why most publishers don’t do it, and why ORA hasn’t been producing their books with lay-flat for a while now. ORA must be doing well to bring back the RepKover binding. Good news for them all around, and good news to readers of ORA books (yes, although I wrote for a competing publisher, I have a whole lot of ORA books on my own shelves).