too many words by laura lemay

blooooooo toooooof

I’ve had my Nokia 6600 for a couple months now, and I’ve become a bluetooth freak. How much do I love that I can just put the phone down on the couch next to me, sync all my contacts and my calendars, and send pictures and files back and forth to the phone? It is just the coolest thing.

I became so addicted to bluetooth on the phone that I became excessively irritated that I had to actually plug my palm pilot into my computer in order to sync it, and before you can say “1-click” I had bought a new Palm, a Zire 72. I did not actually need a new palm. I had an old m500, a plain workhorse black and white dealie that was serving me just fine. I do not need most of the features on the Zire: I have a camera in my phone. I have an iPod so I do not need another MP3 player. The color screen on the palm is kind of sweet. 25 megabytes, like, yow. But the Zire had bluetooth so I HAD TO HAVE IT.

Now I am excessively irritated that I have to actually plug in my iPod in order to sync it to iTunes. Where is my bluetooth iPod? Huh? Huh? Huh? So this morning I was thrilled to find this little ad campaign on the mac rumor sites. Yes! Yes! Oh yes!