too many words by laura lemay

and then it all went completely to hell

Every time I start a new job I completely forget how badly this work thing interferes with my actual life. Every single time I start a new job I think its just a question of better organization, that all I have to do is get my lists and my calendars together, get out of bed on time and stop sitting around before and after work and that somehow it will all end up OK. And yet it never does. I always fall behind on the things I want to do. I never get enough sleep and then I spend the whole weekend catching up on the stuff I wanted to do during the week. All the lists and time management in the world can’t make up for the fact that there are just eight hours less in the day to get stuff done for yourself because you’re busy getting stuff done for other people.

This is not news. I’ve griped about it before. And yet, every single time I start a new job I think its going to be different, that this will be the job in which I will discover the method by which I can fold time. This isn’t it either. Darn.

This is the long-winded version of my bi-monthly “sorry I haven’t posted much” post.