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Thanks to the wonder of pubsub egosearches, I have discovered that I have made a list of Famous Technical Writers, albeit with a very old photo and links. Being a Famous Tech Writer feels kind of like being a Famous Nose Picker. Nice to be recognized for one’s work, but then there’s all that accompanying pointing and giggling.

Of course it should be noted that a good number of my co-famous-tech writers are fictional. I also feel compelled to cattily point out: my, we are an attractive lot, aren’t we. </sarcasm>

6 thoughts on “almost famous

  1. Hmmm….interesting pattern here. The fictional tech writers are famous for being tech writers. Most of the non-fictional tech writers are famous for other things, not for tech writing. Instead, tech writing was incidental to their successes elsewhere (like writing novels people actually want to read).

    Well, it’s good to know I don’t have to worry about my next catwalk down the red carpet anytime soon. You know, representing the craft by being a billboard for jewelry and fashion designers is just such a pain. Frankly, I’m relieved that I don’t have to suffer through another STC Doc Award acceptance speech in itchy taffetta.


  2. At least there is such a thing as Famous Technical Writers. I don’t see anyone compiling a list of Famous Sysadmins any time soon.

  3. I just recently bought your book Teach Yourself PERL, and its been a great addition in my bookself. After buying so many books on PERL, yours truly, helps the beginner like me. Good Work, Ed

  4. Amazing how the list skews feminine. I wonder if Grady Booch, Randall Shwartz, and Dave Roth didn’t make the list not because they’re not famous but because they are computer science authors instead of “just” technical writers.

  5. Technical writers (generally) define themselves as people who write documentation or online help for companies, on staff (and sometimes as contractors). Thus a computer book author is not a technical writer, and would not be included on a “famous technical writers” list unless they had also written documentation.

    Of course the list could also just be bogus.

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