too many words by laura lemay

ah hah

Its a role playing game. The norwegian dead cat thing. I found an english-language one. Its a really complex, kind of odd, role playing game. The cat thing is a pet store within the role playing game, so your character can buy a pet in the game. Apparently MSN groups enables this sort of thing well, and game builder people just cheerfully borrow images from other sites as they need them.

I’ve discovered all kinds of interesting things on the Internets since I’ve been following Elsa’s picture around. For example, I’ve found there are a lot (a LOT) of forums dedicated to people who like to pretend that they are cats. Not a Furry thing. Just cat people. They call themselves “toms” and “queens” and refer to their “kits.” They have cat picture avatars and use names like Greyclaw and Nightfur. Elsa is a very popular avatar on these forums.

Really, nothing on the Internet should surprise me anymore.