too many words by laura lemay

a prophetic conversation

Date: March 10, 1991.
Place: the usenet group alt.angst.

From: (Eric Murray)
Newsgroups: alt.angst
Subject: Re: Okay, let's cut the crap about LJBF...
Keywords: life sucks
Date: 10 Mar 91 21:47:27 GMT
Lines: 35

In article <9...@exodus.Eng.Sun.COM> lemay@lorelei.Eng.Sun.COM (Laura Lemay - IWTFM) writes:
>But alas, along with the higher percentage of men in this area, there
>is also a higher precentage of men who are completely repugnant to me.
>So really I'm just as fucked over as the rest of you. Not only that,
>I'm even more fucked over because should I complain about the lack of
>men in my life, I get *no* sympathy whatsoever.

Oh yea?  Well then I'm TRIPILY FUCKED `cause many of those rare
single Silicon Valley women are nerds too.  I should be overjoyed
that I get to go on the occaisional date; but when all she
can talk about is microprocessor design, I'm gonna get bored.
There's a lot of women out here who haven't really done anything
other than what they work at.  I don't mind some work talk, I mean
anyone who doesn't like their job a bit is going to be
too depressing even for me.  But people who's whole life is
their work just bum me out.

In that same (boring) conversation I complained that there were no cool nerds on motorcycles. Eric sent me an email claiming that he was one and asking me out. Neither of us has our original emails but terrifyingly enough Google Groups has preserved the original postings.

Fifteen years, do ya think it’ll last?