a clarification

A whole lot of people have scolded me about my bike accident last week. The common thread is that if I was going to ride a motorcycle, I should have been wearing better gear.

To clarify, I was on a bicycle at the time. I was wearing entirely appropriate gear, eg, spandex. And it was cold so I was actually wearing lots of spandex.

The new blue ninja is still in the garage, alas, in parts. Its been a busy bunch of weeks and there hasn’t been time to put it back together. Please be assured that when I do get to actually ride the new blue ninja, I will be appropriately dressed. And I really hope I will go more than a few weeks without crashing.

Health update: road rash is scabby and itchy and in the ohgod-ohgod-must-pick-at-it stage. Bruises have progressed from green to yellow. Back is still store but only when I bend in certain directions or try to breathe really deeply. Getting better. 90%.

One thought on “a clarification

  1. I highly recommend Op Site as dressing for grazes. It a clear flim that they use to make dressings post surgery. I don’t use any gauze or anything, just straight onto the graze after cleaning it up. It stops it going all scabby and it heals relly quickly, like 5 days for a big graze from mountain biking.

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