2005 new year’s resolutions


  • Draw more. I’ve always been a word-person rather than a pictures-person. But I’ve done some scribbling in the past and I want to do more. It uses dusty cobwebby parts of my head that don’t otherwise get used. I don’t particularly have a great desire to create great art, but being able to be a not-horrible cartoonist might be nice.
  • I’ve had this online technical tutorial e-book idea floating around in my head for ages. I should do the darn thing, or just shut the hell up and keep doing tech writing contracts until I die.
  • Lose those last seven pounds. It wouldn’t be new year’s resolutions without some body-image related resolution, would it.
  • Do a new site design. Integrate this blog with my main site and my work site. Integrate my del.icio.us bookmarks and flickr photos and my amazon wishlist (which is really my reading to-do list). More RSS. More Web services. More geekery. Fix the @#*&#(@*& CSS.
  • Take more pictures to populate flickr with.
  • More water, less coffee, less alcohol, less chocolate, sob.
  • Ruminate less, blog more.
  • Continue being, for the most part, happy.