101 uses for shredded yellow cheese

Presumably you have already seen the Gallery of Regrettable Food. In that vein comes the Company Cookbook.

Amy, the author of amalah.com where the cookbook lives, explains:

I work for a financial publishing company. Which means that sometimes, I get some random swag from companies, brokers or mutual funds. Usually pens or those little squeezy stress ball things. That stuff sucks.

But one time, a company sent me their employee cookbook. It sucks, but in a completely awesome way.

Basically: its a collection of lovingly arranged and photographed company potluck dishes, with Amy’s incredibly funny mockage to go along. Cheese plays a major role.

(I got it from Slashfood.)

One thought on “101 uses for shredded yellow cheese

  1. I have a Southern Pine Electric Power Association cook book.

    These are the same folks that hooked up my house wrong and fried my fridge with 220V. Pardon the pun.

    I’m afraid to try anything in it.

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